Encourage agric students to acquire practical knowledge from existing farmers – Economist tells government

Mildred Xorlali Babantsi
Mildred Xorlali Babantsi
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Agricultural economist, Dr. George Kwadwo has urged governments and tertiary institutions to encourage students of agriculture to learn from existing farmers in order to acquire practical knowledge.

This comes after the ministry of agriculture announced a review of the farmer’s day celebration.

The move according to the deputy minister for food and agriculture in charge of crops, Mr. Yaw Frimpong Addo, is prompted by the current national and international economic challenges.

On the 38th National Farmers’ Day, the change will go into effect. From Tuesday, November 29, 2022, through Friday, December 2, 2022, a National Agricultural Fair would kick off the festivities. A Grand Durbar and Awards Ceremony will be held to commemorate the National Agricultural Fair’s last day, which falls on the first Friday in December.

Speaking to Univers Business news  Dr. George Kwadwo says this would help in boosting the agric sector as well spark the interest of the youth in agricultural related issues after the farmers are given recognition.

They can be put to other uses. I mean, these people who study agriculture need practical training as well. So these farmers can be the conduit to be used to give them the practical training. So having recognized them, the farmers can be identified and then the students on holidays are sent these farmers to work with them. So they will also share some of the knowledge they have acquired and also learn from the farmers the things have been doing that way, I think it will also encourage some of these young ones to go into our course because they will see the practical aspects and the benefits accruing.

According to the review, a total of 15 awards—including Overall National Best Farmer, National Best Livestock Farmer, National Best Crop Farmer, Overall National Best Fisher, National Best Marine Fisher, National Best Inland Fisher, National Best Fisher Farmer, and National Best Fish Processor—will be given at the national level.

The restoration of regional celebrations is a cost-cutting measure to lessen the financial burden on the 16 Regional Coordinating Councils, which had previously been responsible for covering the costs of paying for the travel, lodging, and other expenses of regional award winners and other accompanying officials to participate in the national celebration.

There will be five regional award categories given out for each region, including “Best Farmer in the Region,” “Best Livestock Farmer in the Region,” “Best Crop Farmer in the Region,” “Best Fisher in the Region,” and “Best Agricultural Extension Agent in the Region.” District Best Farmer, District Best Livestock Farmer, and District Best Crop Farmer are now the only categories for district awards, down from six previously. However, districts with the resources to provide additional prize categories are advised.

Story by Mildred Horlali Babantsi | univers.ug.edu.gh

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