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DJ Phantom

Junior Common Room ( JCR) President of the University of Ghana Business School, Lowell Kwesi Acheampong, popularly called DJ Phantom has said that Disc Jockeys (DJs) fit into every career path they plan to tread on.

Speaking to Univers Entertainment, the student leader who doubles as a Disc Jockey,  said being a student leader and a DJ has made him realize that DJs can fit into every line of work they wish to.

 I want to help change that narrative, somewhere like DJ don’t fit to be a leader like all of that so I want to try and change all that mindset about DJs. So for now I know all DJ’s are doing well but I have not seen any DJ into Student leadership and at the same time doing DJ. So I feel like I’m trying to create a brand on it own and I want to combine corporate work and DJ together. DJs generally fit into every career path they wish to pursue

Dj Phantom also shared he rose through the ordeals of life to be where  he is at the moment.

I went in for this competition Hitz fm hottest DJ and I went in just with a laptop and I did my best but it got to a time I couldn’t go again because with a laptop you can’t win the competition. They need someone who will be scratching and making all this mix, and that time I didn’t have, so they brought me out because like I couldn’t go any more and they took me out of the competition but I didn’t let that discouraged me.

He also added that DJ’s are gradually breaking that jinx and  branding themselves well in attract the right customers.

 If we could take it back to somewhere 2005, 2004 DJ’s were not that recognized, when DJ’s are going for weddings they just wear any sort of thing and them present themselves but if you look at now DJ in 2018, 2016, 2017, you can see that DJ’s are now presenting themselves well. There’re situation were I go for weddings in suit and people even think I’m the groom man or I’m the groom and when people see you that way, people wouldn’t think that is a DJ but now we are all presenting ourselves in that manner where that respect we want is coming up little by little. So yeah , we are getting there.


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