#UGDecides: EC dismisses petition for audit of elections results

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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The Electoral Commission of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council has dismissed a petition for an audit of the just-ended SRC elections.
The electoral commission in a communique dated November 17 2022 stated that the petitioners were given the needed attention they requested to audit the election results with their IT expert.

It is on record that the petitioners were given the attention they needed, and the commission arranged for a meeting between the petitioners and the software developer (UGCS) on Monday, November 14, 2022. The petitioners were given access to the spreadsheet and also given an ultimatum of November 16, 2022, to bring in their IT expert to examine the system and the spreadsheet to ascertain all their claims.

It further added that the basis for the dismissal was due to the lack of  record of irregularities as stated by the accused.

In the end, no electoral irregularities were established, hence the dismissal of their petition.

ugsrc ec
Some aggrieved candidates which are Samuel Ackom, Ramzy Ahmad Fuseini, Curtis Owusu Akomeh, Linda Ackah-Mensah, Vida Mintah, Diana Ohene Bemah, Ernestina Mahama, and Edward Owusu Boateng argued that some students complained about their student’s emails being illegally accessed and being used to vote without their notice. This the candidates believe has the potential to impact the results of the polls and thereby should be investigated by the commission.

The dissatisfied candidates were asked by the commission to bring their IT experts to help them audit the results. However, the discontented candidates failed to meet the commission and UGCS due to the inability to get an IT expert on time as agreed.
The petitioners were given another opportunity by the electoral commission which again they failed to meet.

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