Minimum Wage increment is not enough- Ghanaians lament

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Some Ghanaians have expressed disappointment in the increment of the National Daily Minimum Wage of the country from GH¢13.53 to GH¢14.88 pesewas for the year 2023.
In an interview with Universnews, some Ghanaians described the increment as insufficient to cater to their needs in this harsh economic crisis.

The minimum daily wage increasing from Gh13.53 to Gh14.88 for an average Ghanaian is low because upon calculating it Gh14 by 30 days is equal to Gh420 and looking at the inflation rate currently and constantly increasing prices it is very bad for an average Ghanaian person to receive the such amount and all other things being equal utility prices are increasing light bills, water bills and rent which the minimum daily wage is not enough to cater for all these. A teacher lamented.

I don’t think is great because as wages increase it affects students as well and we would have to buy stuff now and then. Also, trade and other businesses are going on in the country so when there is an increase in wages it will affect the financial status of citizens and I don’t think Gh14.88 is high enough or the best. One student added. 

Meanwhile, some others called for an increase beyond Gh14.88. due to current economic crises. 

In my opinion at least an average person should receive Gh50 a day. Ama Asare suggested. 

I believe government should have it increased to a better amount. What can Gh14.88 buy in this ditch economy?. A vendor lamented. 

The government takes much more than this so why just the Gh14.88 increment which is equivalent to a dollar? They should review the increment to a much better one because you can’t survive in this economy with this amount. Kofi a phone dealer said. 

Others also said the government must stabilize the depreciation of the cedi to the dollar.

I think the government in their best way should work towards increasing the cedi’s equivalence to the dollar so that the prices of items or commodities on the market will be relatively low to help individuals better their cost of living and standard of living and enjoy peace with regards to their finances.

I will suggest to the government to put in measures to clean up the economy because prices of goods are increasing yet people’s salaries are not enough to enable them to adjust to this harsh economy. I think checking the fuel prices and monitoring the profit margin of traders in the market should be of importance to the government. A food vendor indicated. 

The National Tripartite Committee in line with Section 113 (1) (a) of the Labor Act, 2003 (Act 651) after a meeting held on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, reviewed the National Daily Minimum Wage (NDMW) from GH¢13.53 pesewas to GH₵14.88 pesewas.

The Committee indicated that they took into account the current economic challenges, cost of living, sustainability of businesses, and the desirability of attaining a higher level of employment, as well as the need for rapid restoration of macroeconomic stability.
However, they recommended that the new minimum wage should be tax exempted.
The new minimum wage is expected to take effect from January 1, 2023.

 Kwateng Acheampong contributed to the story.

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