Combating unethical practices in Higher Education Institutions

Adwubi Wiafe
Adwubi Wiafe
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In recent times, one issue that appears to be threatening the credibility and standards of our educational system has been the flourishing of unethical practices among students. We live in a time when students are not subjected to ethics and downplay the importance of transparency, truth, and integrity as individuals.

The organization, which promotes ethical standards at higher education levels by training and providing resource tools to students, heads of academic institutions, and other professionals in the educational workspace, is one that is quickly combating this problem. organized the Ethics Model of Excellence Tool (EMET II) Conference, dubbed “Higher Education: Ethics Model of Excellence Framework,” as part of efforts to strengthen Higher Education Institutions’ (HEIs’) Ethical Performance Management.
The event included a Pilot Training Workshop on how to use proposed EMET II tools and resources for its participants.

Deputy Executive Director of, Lucy Lopez, believes that the organization’s role is critical, particularly in shaping the lives of young people for the future. According to her, the inception module is both critical and challenging, highlighting the importance of instilling in young people the values of truth and integrity in their daily lives as they prepare for the future.

“In 2016 we decided the place where we think we can really make a difference is in higher education, because this is where future leaders are formed to think about their own trajectory and their own careers. As we are all gathered here, we have the future in our hands, it’s a heavy responsibility and the future of our countries. It’s therefore the responsibility of to  educate and form young people and more matured students, to help them be the leaders  that we need them to be with integrity and values going into the world”. She said.

Lucy Lopez is optimistic that the “EMET II tool will enable and empower institutions to put ethics at the heart of quality education”. She added.

Lead Officer for Donor Relations and Strategic Partnership, Christine Housel, shared some insights into the platform, explaining that the tool will create support and motivation for excellent leadership, catapulting the needed changes around the world.

“We’re focused on creating a culture of ethics creating inspiration, motivation and vision, for people and the tools we support. While the small actions of individuals always make a difference, we can’t achieve the change we want by ourselves, we must work with each other”.


Globe Ethics is an organization that educates people (students, academicians, leaders, and educational institutions) about ethical values in order to build sustainable, peaceful societies. It has its own website ( to provide equal access to knowledge resources in the field of applied ethics, allowing individuals and institutions from developing and transition economies to become more visible and audible in global discourse. has created four resources to ensure access to knowledge resources in applied ethics: the library, academy, publications, and network. is a global ethics network based in Geneva, with an international Board of Foundation and United Nations ECOSOC status. All resources are free to web users and participants. Individuals only need to register on the website to get access.


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