#UGDecides: I’m optimistic about winning the run-off elections – Emmanuella Boakye Yiadom

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Emmanuella Yiadom

General Secretary Candidate in the 2022 University of Ghana Student Representative Council(UGSRC) elections, Emmanuella Boakye Yiadom has expressed confidence of winning the upcoming run-off elections.

After the close of the polls on Tuesday November 1, 2022 , none of the General secretary candidates obtained 50%+1 votes.

Emmanuella Boakye Yiadom and Vida Mintah who  recorded the highest votes are expected to lock horns for the position in a run-off.

Speaking to Univernews, Emmanuella Boakye Yiadom says  she is grateful to the student body for voting for her during the elections and expects to garner this same numbers in the run-off.

 I’m personally grateful to every single person who has helped Ella and those who helped by calling to mobilize people.  I’m full of gratitude and I want to say thank you to Legon for trusting in me and I’m praying and hoping that when we go for the run-off, the lord will show up mightily and the people of Legon will once again entrust into my care, the secretariat duties of UG so I’m grateful. Whatever the case, I know this is a winning game for Team Ella. Other people probably were in a fellowship or a caucus but I came this far. No matter what, at the end of the day, it is one person that will win and that is Ella. She stated

A lot of people know me and they know my personality and so they know who they had voted for. Some of the students had had encounters with me and they know who they have voted for. The biggest of it all is the favour of the Lord. I’m very very grateful and I want to say congratulations to all the other candidates. You guys did well. It wasn’t an easy contest so I’m grateful.  She said

Students of the University of Ghana went to the polls on Tuesday, November 1 to elect new crops of executives to man the affairs of the student body.

For the General Secretary race; Diana Ohene Bemah gathered 2,612 total valid votes out of a total vote cast of 15,238 representing 17.1%. Meanwhile, Ernestina Hamdiya Mahama, Vida Minta and Emmanuella Boakye Yiadom obtained a total valid vote of 2,395 representing 15.7%, 2,865 of 18.8% and 7,146 of 47% respectively.

Due to this, the two leading candidates that are Emmanuella Boakye Yiadom and Vida Minta are expected to lock horns for the positions in a run-off.

The date for the run-off is yet to be announced by the electoral commission.

The elections were conducted solely online for all undergraduate students of the University with assistance from the University of Ghana Computing System(UGCS).

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