New transport fares: Passengers bemoan 19% increment

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Transport fares

Some passengers have lamented over the increase in transport fares which commenced  Saturday, October 29, 2022.

Speaking to Univers news, the passengers say the continuous hike in transport fares is affecting their cost of living in the country.

Gifty McGriffin, a student of IPMC says the increase is still a shock to her.

“I just got a car to circle, I think that was last three days and its was ghc4. 80pesewas and today it’s GHC5. 80pesewas. This is appalling and very bad, because I had it in mind that I will be paying ghc4. 80pesewas and imagine I don’t have extra money on me meaning I will be stark in town” she said.

Isaac Game Mawulorm,  an entrepreneur , revealed that the unstable price of fuel has had effect on his income.

Consistent increase in fuel prices is becoming redundant of late, it is obvious that fuel prices are also not stable, they are really escalating and that put a lot of pressure on drivers to increase fare to generate the profit they need and that’s the impact we feel as customers because we are also not having increase salaries, and wages so it becomes difficult to manage the few resources we have because we are having expenses being more than the income we have and that makes life quite difficult. He mentioned

A student, Livingston added the fact that transport fares are up, the price of food also goes up.

Well, when prices for transportation increases, it means also that the prices of food stuffs on the markets are also going to be on the rise. The increase in transport fares is directly proportional to the increase in food prices. The impact this is going to have on the Ghanaian of which I’m inclusive is that we’ll have to use more money in purchasing the same quantity of items we previously purchased at a much lower rate; people will have to pay more for good’s than previous.

Meanwhile, Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU)has described  the first day of the implementation of the new fare charges as successful.

A 19 percent increase in rates was announced by the GPRTU earlier last week and went into effect  Saturday October, 29,2022.

The union claims that the move was necessary as a result of the ongoing increase in the cost of petroleum products at different gasoline stations.

Story by: Elizabeth Kabuki- Ocansey |

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