Sachet water to sell at 60ps effective October 31

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The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) has recommended an upward adjustment of prices of sachet water and bottled water, effective October 31st.

According to a statement issued by the Director of Corporate Affairs of NASPAWAP, the decision follows the recent depreciation of the Ghana Cedi to major currencies, increase in fuel prices, and increase in plastic films and preforms used in sachet and bottled water packaging.

Bottled water, 500ml, will be retailed at the cost of GHS2.50, 750ml bottled water will go for GHS3.50, and 1.5L bottled water will be retailed at GHS5 and sachet water will be retailed at 60 pesewas.

A bag of Sachet of water (500ml X 30 sachets) will now sell at GHS10 at ex-truck prices.

However, retail prices from mini shops will be determined by various associations based on their rent and other expenses that go into the final retail prices.

“It is worth nothing that the retail price of a bag of sachet water, packs of bottled water, and packs of bottled water from mini shops will be determined by their retail associations, using other determinants such as rent and overheads that feeds into final retail price.”

The release further stated that consumers might pay more in an open market.

“In the open market, consumers may expect to purchase a bag of sachet water between GHS12 and GHS15 depending on the shop location.”

Fuel prices have gone up across various Oil Marketing Companies across the country to almost GHS 16 per liter at some fuel pumps.

GOIL, on October 21st, sold petrol at GHS13.10 and diesel at GHS15.99. But currently, petrol is selling at GHS13.99 per liter, and diesel remains unchanged.

The Ghana Cedi also experienced the highest weekly depreciation in about 30 years. Depreciated to the US dollar $ by 14.47% in value.

The official exchange rate from the Central bank, Bank of Ghana, shows that the dollar is selling at GHS13.0148 and buying at GHS13.0018.

Other currencies have also significantly appreciated against the Cedi.

Story by: Collins Frimpong Boadi |

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