#UGDeicdes: I won’t sit and watch the same voting issues happen on Friday – Noah Wumborbi

Kelly Adjetey Boye
Kelly Adjetey Boye
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Candidate for the Presidential position in this year’s University of Ghana Students Representative Council elections, Noah Wumborbi has vowed not to witness the same voting challenges that occurred during the elections on Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

The Candidate said that it was unfair for electorates and other candidates to be taken through a stressful system of voting after months of campaign activities.

Speaking to UniversNews, Noah Wumborbi called on the University of Ghana Computing Systems to assure students and the relevant stakeholders that the same voting challenges would not be witnessed during Friday’s election.

“I think that what would transpire from now to Friday would determine whatever would be done after the election on Friday. We want to get some assurance that UGCS is on top of matters and that they would send the link as early as possible so that we are sure that we would not experience some of this things again. But on Friday if this same things would repeat again and in the end they would say they would ignore everything and they would declare somebody as a winner, then of course, I would not sit down to watch some of these things happen. Because it was very much disheartening to see that the people that have suffered so much with me through this journey, I mean we gotten to this point and people want to cast their vote and they can’t vote. And they have to be calling me Noah, I want to cast my vote I can’t vote and I have not receive the link, it so disturbing, I mean we shouldn’t be taken through some of this experiences. It is unfair to us,” he said.

The candidate further bemoaned the rate at which voting challenges are becoming a tradition at the University of Ghana.

“I mean we should be able to handle issues of election in a way that all the time we wouldn’t have to be in the media for a bad reason. KNUST conduct elections and they use online method, we don’t see some of these things but it is becoming a tradition for the University of Ghana. Last year we witness the same and this year this is how we have started again after the whole process dragged so much to this time. Today, finally, we’ve got the opportunity to witness the election, and this is what we are presented with. I mean, we are spending so much, and we want to serve students, and we are taken through all these experiences. I don’t think it is the best, frankly speaking,” he added.

Meanwhile, the elections have been rescheduled to Friday, October 28, 2022.

This was disclosed to UniversNews by the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS) Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO), Mr. Francis Boachie.

According to Mr. Boachie, the number of students trying to access the site at the same time is what has led to these challenges.

“We must go and prepare the environment better because this is the first time we’re going the whole school. We didn’t forsee some of these challenges. So today and tomorrow will give us enough time to make sure the enviromnent is better for friday. It also gives the aspirants more time to do more campaigning and then we can be ready very well on Friday.”

Story by: Kelly Adjetey Boye | univers.ug.edu.gh

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