#UGDecides: Results would be declared right after close of polls- UG SRC Electoral Commission

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Bright Siaw

The Public Relations Officer of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council Electoral Commission, Bright Siaw has assured students of the commission’s commitment to release the provisional results of the UGSRC election right after close of polls.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive on Monday, October 24 , 2022, Bright Siaw said considering the fact that the election is online, the commission will ensure that the provisional results would be released when polls end at 5pm.

He stated that,

Declaration of provisional results will be right after election, we’d just plug in and play then you display the provisional results so immediately after the elections as stipulated in our constitutional instrument, we declare provisional results.

Bright Siaw revealed that the Commission has revised its constitutional instrument after deciding to allow only UGCS to conduct the election.

So, we revised the mode of elections, first of all, giving the mandate to UGCS.
We have also inculcated how their system works in the new CI, we also have how results would be declared, giving the password to the chairman of the electoral commission first to declare results. We have all of that in our new CI

The Constitutional Instrument guiding this year’s UGSRC election states that “following the close of polls at a time to be determined by the Electoral Commission, the system will be shut down and no one will be allowed to vote. Provisional results shall be declared immediately after voting”

It also adds that the Chairman of the Commission will declare result at the close of polls .In the absence of the Chairman, the 1″Dep Chairman will declare the result and in the absence of the 1st Dep. Chairman, the 2nd Dep. Chairman shall declare the result.

Students at the University of Ghana are expected to head to the polls tomorrow Tuesday, October 25, 2022 to elect a new crop of SRC executives for the 2022/2023 academic year.
The elections are expected to take place online with assistance by the University of Ghana Computing Systems.

Last year, the delay in the declaration of the provisional results led to a frenzy where a section of the student populace called out the University of Ghana Computing Systems for delaying to announce the results of the online elections when in actual fact, the electoral commissioners were those who had access.

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