#UGDecides: I’m going to create an SRC app to aid in the dessemination of information – Ernestina Mahama

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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General Secretary Candidate in this year’s University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC) elections, Ernestina Mahama has promised to develop an application for the dissemination of information.

The candidate said this during a Face-to-Face interaction with other General Secretary Candidates on their policies ahead of the elections.

The app, she believes, would advertise the businesses of students and people outside the University.

Ernestina Mahama stated that the UGSRC app would also help generate revenue for the SRC.

She further stated that she is going to organize a boot camp where other General Secretaries can share their experiences.

The University of Ghana Students Representative Council elections is expected to be held on Tuesday October 25, 2022.

The elections will be held online with assistance from the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS).

Voting is expected to begin at 8:00am and end at 5:00pm.

Face to Face with Radio Univers

Every year ahead of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council elections, Campus-based Media station, Radio Univers holds a Face to Face interaction with candidates in the race.

The Treasurer, General Secretary and Presidential Candidates are questioned based on their policies and given the chance to defend their plans for students.

The platform also gives the candidates the chance to connect directly to students of the University to solicit their votes and support.

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