Government to take inventory of unlawful structures on Sakumo Ramsar site

Radio Univers
Radio Univers
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The government says it will take inventory of all unlawfully erected buildings in the core zone of the Sakumo Ramsar site from today for onward demolition.

This comes after some fence walls in the area were pulled down on Wednesday.

Speaking to journalists during a visit to the Sakumo ramsar site, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Benito Owusu Bio says the government is committed to ensuring the protection of the wetland.

“They all do not have building permits… they are all encroachers because there is an executive instrument and as such, they are not to be here. Those ones will be marked.”

“We are taking into consideration that those that will be marked are the ones that are really within the flood probe area,” Mr. Owusu Bio.

The demolition comes after a series of warnings for persons erecting buildings on the site to desist from the act to help preserve the ecological state of the ramsar site.

VIA: CitiNews
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